architectural explorations
behind the computer screen

The Premiss

Digital design tools draw from the technological machine of the computer screen. Commonly, they are used to project, resolve and develop architectural projects for their realization in the physical world. This project is an attempt at reconnecting design with cunning and deceit. By placing the locus of the architectural experience behind the screen, within the computer, the project highlights the specific conditions of digital space. Using a video game engine, spaces are bent and folded in curious and impossible ways, bringing forth the uncanny spatiality of the digital. The research is based on the oscillation between various modes of interaction with the computer, making it an environment for scripting, modelling and mediated experience. Fundamentally a machine for moving images, the screen thus becomes an open window to a world previously confined in the virtual.

Three objects constitute the material of the architectural thesis: an experience, a map and a book. The experience is an exploration of several overlaid and interconnected places, each dissecting an aspect of working within the digital. The manipulation of space, impossible in the physical world, subvert the meaning of architectural notions like ground, orientation, structure, context and materiality. Rather than working with a controlled camera that shows a prescribed, curated view of the architecture, here the digital dweller moves in and looks at the world view using a standard video game controller. This experience operates in tandem with a comprehensive drawing that maps and represents these places and their complex interrelations. These two objects provide a vantage point to foster an academic discussion on the unique nature of working with digital tools by unveiling an untapped potential of computers in architecture.

The Digital Experience

The digital experience comes as a software running on on Mac OS X or Windows. Movement is operated through standard First-Person Controller, using the keyboard and mouse or a gamepad. Get the latest version from the download page.

The Book

A thourought examination of the foundation and construction of this project can be found on the book section of this website.